How to do bulk insert via couchbase for java


How to do bulk insert via couchbase for java


You can follow this document for bulk insert:


I also had the icloud same question and i was going to raise a thread for this gimp but you saved the time with this thread and also with the solution. Thanks a ton.


Thank you Akshata for the support.
Appreciate your help.
At this moment when I inserted 1 million records into a bucket , It is taking roughly 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
Is there any way where i can further enhance the performance?


@tatpum13 that would depend on where the bottleneck is, e.g. network bandwidth, network latency, amount of RAM on the server, CPU issues (unlikely). If latency is the issue then you could try increasing the number of connections to the server . Have a look at thekvServiceConfig docs for details.

How to improve perfromance of write in couchbase DB

Thank you Graham.
I was able to insert one million records in 1 minute.
Is there any further documentation you can provide to enhance further?.


Is there any further way to increase the performance?
The best i could achieve to insert one million records was 55 seconds.


Looking forward to getting help on it.
Let me know if there is any load balancing with multiple nodes or if any clustering can help to improve performance?


Have added 2 nodes.
After that the batch writing slowed down further.
Since i am a new user to Couchbase, It would be great to get some assistance.