How to get a value from server directly

I am wondering if there is a simple way to access the certain fields in my json do stored in couchbase via php. I know i can get the whole doc and then via json try to extract the info but lets say this is a large doc and i only want data of one or 2 fields in the doc, is there a way to just access them or even better just retrieve an array of certain fields from that doc ?

It is easy to do with subdocument API. I will post here an example from LookupInBuilder API docs

$cluster = new \Couchbase\Cluster("couchbase://localhost");
$bucket = $cluster->openBucket('default');

$bucket->upsert('foo', ['path1' => 'value1']);

$result = $bucket->lookupIn('foo')

var_dump(count($result->value));      //=> int(2)

var_dump($result->value[0]['code']);  //=> int(0)    COUCHBASE_SUCCESS
var_dump($result->value[0]['value']); //=> string(6) "value1"

var_dump($result->value[1]['code']);  //=> int(63)  COUCHBASE_SUBDOC_PATH_ENOENT
var_dump($result->value[1]['value']); //=> NULL

Note that by calling get() on the builder multiple tiimes you will be able to access multiple paths in the document at once.

Thanks that works like a charm, but not to sound to greedy is there a way to access any value like
path1 directly if i got the whole doc ? Or is this only avail if i query individual fields ? Also what would be the best way if there would be multiple path1’s in the doc ?

thanks for quick insight

Accessing multiple paths in the document using lookup builder does not involve receiving whole document body if you asking about it.

BTW there is a shortcut for that:

$bucket->retrieveIn('docId', 'path1', 'path2', 'path3');

Or you are looking for path API on the document objects, which were received using $bucket->get()? In this case, no, it is not available, because the path is evaluated on the server side.