How to get IP address of Couchbase cluster endpoint

Where can I find the IP address of Couchbase cluster endpoint?

Hello Shashtel,
Once you successfully deploy the cluster, under Connection you will be presented with a Public endpoint that maps to the IPs of the (firewalled) internet-facing load balancers.
The hostnames provided under the “Connect” tab are SRV records. The Couchbase SDK’s can leverage a SRV record to be able to better utilize the cluster’s resources.
Those hostnames do not resolve with a typical DNS command without providing additional context that it is an SRV record.

SRV records typically follow this structure:

nslookup -type=SRV _couchbases._tcp.<public_endpoint>

Once you know the nodes from the command above, you can query the IP address:
nslookup <node>.<public_endpoint>