How to get last x items from an array?


Is there a way to get last x values from an array?

Let’s say I have [‘a’,‘b’,‘c’,‘d’,‘e’,‘f’,‘g’].

Getting the first x can be done with array slicing [0:3], but how do I get the last x?

I’ve tried [-1:-3] and [-1:3], but they did not work. Only workaround I’ve found so far is

select [anArray[-1], anArray[-2], anArray[-3]] from aBucket

SELECT [‘a’,‘b’,‘c’,‘d’,‘e’,‘f’,‘g’][-3:];

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Thank you @geraldss

That was exactly what I was looking for. I did not know the 2nd number is an optional value.

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Thanks, This works but Couldn’t find this info anywhere. Btw, A blog post from couchbase says both parameter required -