How to install php sdk in xampp

Please guide me how to install php sdk on xampp server in window system . php version is 5.5.24. xampp version is 3.2.1

On which step do you have issues? Do you see any errors? Do you use 64bit version of PHP?

Architecture is x86. I have insatlled the enterprise version of couchbase but i try to run hello-couchbase.php code then it is giving error CouchbaseCluster not found. After searching on google i found that i have to install php sdk but i don’t know to install it. As i already informed i am having window system , xampp version 3.2.1 and php version is 5.5.24. Please help me in insatlling the php sdk from base level.

You can follow steps here:

Also windows binaries published on PECL page:

Currently version from Archives page depends on php_igbinary.dll, while PECL version does not.

Also installation process described here:

from this url
I downloded php_couchbase-2.3.2-5.5-zts-vc11-x86 can you please guide where i have add these files.

you should put php_couchbase.dll into directory where your PHP distribution keeps extensions, and libcouchbase.dll should be in the your SAPI path (or working directory).

when i added the php_couchbase.dll and libcouchbase.dll and restarted the apache it is giving me an error
igbinary.dll missimg from your computer.Please help.

You should also download igbinary, as we bind this dependency on compile-time:

I have installed 5.5 Thread Safe (TS) x86 from metioned url and place php_igbinary.dll file in php/ext folder as per read me file i have added the extension in php.ini file also. Restart the apache but same issue is coming.
“igbinary.dll missimg from your computer”

do you load it before couchbase extension? is there couchbase section in phpini() output?

yes…and no there is no couchbase section coming in my phpinfo.

Load igbinary extension

Use igbinary as session serializer


Here you should use php_igbinary.dll, because you are using Windows OS.

This is for Unix deployments, you are using .dll already.

Sorry I meant, could you post phpinfo() or php -i output?

Please check the phpinfo on this url
I have uploded phpinfo as image form on this url.

I don’t see neither igbinary nor couchbase section, could you make sure you have php INI

extension=php_couchbase.dll (23.5 KB)

Please check my attached php.ini file.

the config looks good. Do you see any errors in the logs?

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘C:\xampp\php\ext\php_couchbase.dll’ - The specified module could not be found.

in Unknown on line 0
error in php_error_log file.

Please check the attachement also.

where did you put libcouchbase.dll?

In apache/bin folder please check screenshot

You have said you use xampp with PHP 5.5.24 (which is not latest version of 5.5 branch, and in fact officially end-of-life version according PHP site:

I assume, you have used version from this site:

Also you’ve mentioned, you have downloaded TS version of the library, are you sure you have downloaded file named Because it behaves like thread safety of the binaries does not match.

I’ve checked this zipball with XAMPP you have mentioned, and everything works