How to make php working for Couchbase?


I am new in Couchbase SDK etc …
I want to make php working with Couchbase Server 3.0.3 64 bit, on Ubuntu 14.04 , 64 bit. Can someone point me the exact download packages and versions for:

  • Apache PHP version and download link
  • PHP Sdk version and download link

Thank you very much


@couchbwiss This is the download list page. Does that help? Otherwise, you’d have to be more specific about what version of PHP you’re using. I once responded to a very similar question of yours in another thread. Is this the same environment?


hello @Erutan409,
yes it is production environment now , using Apache LAMP, Couch base server 3.0.3 64 bit, on Ubuntu 14.04 , 64 bit.

The problem is when I I call the it doesn’t show the JSON document I created for the test bucket. it shows empty html page.

<?php // Connect to Couchbase Server $cluster = new CouchbaseCluster(''); $db = $cluster->openBucket("test"); $json = $db-> get("IDA-12"); var_dump($json); ?>

I have downloaded the latest apache lamb from here : and followed the rest of instructions here to configure the PHP SDK.

Please help!



I fixed it