How to modify data from server-side and keep them synced with Coucbase lite powered device


Hello everyone,

we have a couchbase server where we store mobile apps data. App’s data is locally stored on mobile device with couchbase lite and synced with server through couchbase’s sync gateway. A .NET server back-end application must read and modify mobile apps data that must kept synced with mobile devices.

Is there a way to modify (update and delete) data on server via .NET SDK so that data is kept synced with mobile or the only way is to use sync gateway REST interface?




I think REST API is the only way to modify server-side data and keep them synced with cbl.


@paolo.morgano -

ATM, there is no real integration built in between the .NET SDK (which is the server-side client) and Couchbase Lite and Mobile/Sync gateway other than @atom_yang’s solution to use the REST API. If there is a need here, it might make sense to spin off a project in Couchbase Labs so there is a common solution that is reusable and discoverable for other folks. LMK if your interested…




Thanks everyone for replies, I thing I’ll play around an “hybrid” solution, querying data directly from Couchbase Server via SDK and addressing sync gateway REST service for data C_UD ops.




btw, If you query data directly from couchbase server via SDK, there is no ACL for documents reading.