How to reliably create backup of Couchbase cluster?

Hi there. My question is - how can I create a backup of Couchbase cluster taking into account the following conditions:

  • Backup must be created for a cluster which is in use by means that the data of that cluster is being actively written/read.
  • Process of taking the backup should not have (major) impact on a performance of the system using that cluster.

Also, does cbbackup tool take into account those conditions already?

Yees cbbackup already accounts for this
Just remember its a point in time backup. Anything written after that backup can be lost in event you lose the disk storage or have a logical corruption. There is no write append LOG.

Just remember its a point in time backup

According to the Couchbase documentation it is not possible to create a complete “in-time backup” for a cluster using cbbackup:

I think thats just a consistency deal.

“You must back up and restore your entire cluster to minimize any data inconsistencies. Couchbase is always per-item consistent but does not guarantee total cluster consistency or in-order persistence.”

The cbbackup will backup the data buckets - I know it misses some other objects. Views and indexes maybe for example.

BUt it doesnt have a mechanism like a RDBMS to do full recovery. No WAL.