How to reset session cookie when session expired in Unity3D?


I wrote the following method to automatically request new session when session expiration is detected:

> string cookieName = null;
string sessionId = null;
DateTime sessionExpiry = DateTime.Now;
private void HandleSessionExpired(Replication replication)
    bool isUnauthorized = false;
    var exception = replication.LastError as HttpResponseException;
    if (exception != null)
        isUnauthorized = exception.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized;
        var couchbaseLiteException = replication.LastError as CouchbaseLiteException;
        isUnauthorized = couchbaseLiteException.Message.Contains("Unauthorized");
    if (isUnauthorized)
        if (sessionExpiry <= DateTime.Now)
            CreateCouchbaseSession(out this.cookieName, out this.sessionId, out sessionExpiry);
        replication.SetCookie(cookieName, sessionId, "/", sessionExpiry, false, true);
        //replication.LastError = null;

As you can see, it create a new token, stop the current pulling/pushing, delete existing SyncGatewaySession cookie resetting to new session cookie and start the pulling/pushing again. (I also tried to use Restart() method instead)

But the above code doesn’t solve the problem even I set the replication to new session, the property LastError still remain the same value. I tried to set LastError to null, but its throw:
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

What is the proper way to set a new session token?


I’ll have to look at this tomorrow or the next day to determine if it’s a problem in general or a problem specific to Unity3D. I’ll get back to you when I know more, but in terms of API this should be the way to do it.


Thanks for your quick reply, I will wait for your reply :smile: