How to send a verification mail in C#?

How to send a verification mail to the user’s email before authentication ,
I want users to register in the application using their email ,
then I want to verify this email by sending a verification mail to this email and when the user go to the link sent in this mail his mail should be verified and authenticated .
Is this possible in couchbase or should I use another tool with couchbase ?
Thank you .

Couchbase itself won’t do that. You’ll need to use something else, or write your own code, to do what you describe. (And all of this is on the server side, so probably not in C#.)

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@jens Thank you so much .
Can you recommend anything to do this using it ?

Nope. Decide what platform you’re going to use on the back-end, then look for modules for that platform that handle sending and receiving emails.