How to set Couchbase's time same with OS's time?


Hi engineers, i always receive the log “Haven’t heard from a higher priority node or a master, so I’m taking over”,i saw the time in debug.log is not same as OS’s time,Does it will cause this problem?


this means, the node reporting this could not communicate with the elected master and promoted itself. this is typically due to network issues, dropped packages, down servers etc.


thank you, why does the time in debug.log not sync with OS’s time


Sorry I missed that question in your original post. Are you not seeing that be the same as the machine you are logging into the admin console from (client machine) or the time of the server nodes?


the details is that in the beginning my machine had not adjusted to the correct time then i installed the couchbase,running for few days i adjusted to the correct time,some logs they print the correct time in the file,but the debug.log file is still use the original time.