How to use sub-query in n1ql


I want to execute sub-query,for e.g.

SELECT a.user_id
FROM default a
WHERE doc_type = 'login’
SELECT b._id
FROM default b
USE KEYS a.user_id
WHERE doc_type=‘owner’

It contain two different document using same ‘name’ and using one ‘name’ i want to access another…but unfortunately i am not getting any values…What am I missing?


The value of USE KEYS must be the actual key-value key of the document in the subquery, in this case b.

Is that the case here?


Basically my first document is like…
“user_name”: “ank”,
“password”: “123”,
“doc_type”: “login”,
“user_id”: “vid”

And my 2nd document is like…
"_id": “vid”,
“address”: “”,
“DOB”: “”,
“alternate_contact”: “”

In this i am trying to access the 2nd document …using ‘user_id’ of a first document.


I tried replying earlier. One document needs to contain the external key (primary key) of the other document.