Incorrect error when document identifiant is too long


When you use a very long document identifiant (more than 250, that’s not allowed), you can have this error :
LCB_EINVAL_MCD: A badly formatted packet was sent to the server. Please report this in a bug

We should have a more explicit error, something like “document id max length is 250 bytes”

Thank you for report. I’ve identified this issue as CCBC-715 and it will be resolved on libcouchbase level.

Adding onto this, this also happens using the Node SDK for secondary indices using refdoc types. It doesn’t happen for n1ql or view secondary index types (presumably because the index is not constructed in the same way). This produces a rather cryptic error with a stack trace that just says CouchbaseError with error code 75.

Could the documentation also please be updated to reflect this limit?