Index (GSI) missing at rolling-update of a node

Hello everyone,

I have a question related to GSI (maybe someone encountered this issue, too).
Sorry if this question has already been answered on the forum, I couldn’t find it.

We are using rolling update strategy to add/remove nodes from CB cluster and everything works as expected except indexes (GSI) - which are disappearing when one of the nodes (where Index resides) is pulled out.

Eg. below:
$ couchbase-cli rebalance -c node1 -u cb**** -p ****** –server-remove=node4:8091

This issue we have in Couchbase Community Edition (5.5 and 6.0.0), in the Enterprise version (5.5.3) when one of the nodes is pulled out, (at rebalance) the indexes are moved by rebuilding to other available nodes. Please let me know if that is a feature of the Enterprise version or I have to reconfigure my cluster.

There are 5 nodes in the cluster and all service checkboxes are turned on, so all components should be running on all nodes. (Data, Index, Query, Search).

P.S. Couchbase Community Edition doesn’t support index replica. In the case of cluster operations that add/remove nodes, we require to recreate indexes after a node has been removed and added back in.

Thank you in advance


If you are seeing non-replicated indexes (i.e. indexes built with out any replicas) missing after the index node is pulled out, it is an expected behaviour. Only replicated indexes will be moved to different nodes when an indexer node is rebalanced out.

As you mentioned, since community edition does not support index replica, missing indexes is an expected behaviour.


Thank you very much @varun.velamuri for your swift response.
I’ll mark this questions as answered )