Indexer In Warmup State. Please retry the request later. from

Hi, I have this issue. If the computer shout down because of unexpected situation (usually after electricity has gone off)
i have this error mesage.
Tried :
* Restart Couchbase services.

  •   Repaired Couchbase services

But it could not fixed. So I removed my couchbase db and re-installed again. all is done right now. But its really big problem. What can i do for this issue ?

“code”: 5000,
“msg”: “Indexer In Warmup State. Please retry the request later. from - cause: Indexer In Warmup State. Please retry the request later. from”,
“query_from_user”: "SELECT * FROM MyBucket"

OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 Standart SP 1 64Bit
CPU : XENON 2.93 GHZ X5670

@erkin.isci, the error message indicates that Index service is not able to bootstrap. You can check in indexer.log for any Error messages or you can share the log file here for us to take a look.

@deepkaran.salooja, after re-installed my couchbaseDb, log has gone… But i have also this issue on my other Windows10 Computer… I attacted thats log.

Thanks download log

Thanks @erkin.isci for sharing the log. This appears to be an issue with our new storage engine. I have opened a bug MB-25086 to investigate it further.

If you want to continue with 5.0 Beta, you may switch to Memory Optimized Indexes. The other option is to use 4.x version for Standard GSI.

Could you provide information whether couchbase is running inside a virtual machine ?

This error can happen if the data is corrupt due to abrupt power-off. We have noticed this happening in virtual machine where contents of filesystem was not made durable by the virtual machine incase of abrupt OS restart.

Hi @sarath, this is not virtual machine. Also others that i told is normal Os.
Everything is normal if i restart computer manual. But if the electricity went suddenly, problem consistent.

Thans for answer @deepkaran.salooja … i will do it as you said