Indexing message coming almost all the time in Couchbase GUI

Traffic of 200 ops is executed in syncgw using Jmeter. In Couchbase GUI constantly indexing is getting displayed. Also in syncgw a delayed response is seen.

  1. When will the indexing message gets displayed in the couchbase GUI ?
  2. is there any parameter to control the Indexing call??
  3. When indexing is called will there be any performance degradation in CBS?

know nothing about syncgw, but what version of Couchbase Server do you use ?

couchbase version : 4.0.0-4051 Community edition

In this case i just don’t know.
There is a 4.1.0-EE vs 4.1.1-EE: indexer too slow
But it’s related to 4.1.1