Initial sync seems to take for ever...?


I’m working on an app that syncs its user data - there is no shared data between users. It’s a very simple scheme where there is one channel per user.

I’m testing a large dataset to ensure that everything works & syncs as expected. The very first user sign-in pushes about 90MB of data where 25MB is documents and the rest attachments. That takes a few minutes and it’s done in ~ 2k requests to the server

However, when the user signs on a second device for the first time, the initial sync takes ages…! maybe 30+ mins and at least 18K requests – Is there any way to do a fast initial pull…?

thank you


There shouldn’t be a difference between initial sync on one device, and initial sync on a second device. It’s hard to tell from the description whether this is more likely to be related to something on the Sync Gateway side, or the Couchbase Lite side. If you’re able to share any additional information/logs, can you file an issue on the Sync Gateway github repo?


Hi Adam,

Just to clarify:

the first device only pushes data as it’s the first ever sign-in for the user (i.e. no existing data on the server). The second device is ‘clean’ so it effectively pulls all the data the first device pushed on the server.

I’ll grab some logs - thank you