Initializer for Couchbase.Lite.Database threw an exception in window 10 system


We are facing some strange issues when we install our desktop app which is used couchbase .net lite 2.7.1.

This happens only in few systems not every system. Any help would be grateful for us.

Attached screenshots.

The details of the exception in the first screenshot don’t match the second. The most common cause of the 2nd exception is not having the Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime installed on the machine though.

Do you mean Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime in client system i mean wherever we installed our exe that system shoulde have Visual Studio 2015 c++ runtime?


System where we generate a exe for customers to use our Desktop exe?

Please clarify to us. Thanks in advance.

Yes in other words the library is dependent on the C++ runtime to run. The exception message should be telling you about this but the message is not visible in the OS error dialogs.