Integrating Couchbase with ASP.NET Core Identity


We’re currently switching to Couchbase Server. We have previously used SQL Server.

We are using ASP.NET Core Identity and I noticed there’s a Couchbase nuget available for this; CouchbaseIdentity ( However, this seems to be a DP and not updated in years. Is this not supported anymore?


Any information on this?

@Marcus01 -

We have plans for developing and releasing a .NET Core Identity provider as part of the Couchbase.Extensions for .NET Core project on couchbaselabs. I don’t have a timeframe, but I would imagine it would be sometime later this spring. We are currently working on next-gen Couchbase features in the SDK, but will jump back on these projects soon.

As for support, they are both currently community driven projects, however based upon interest, they could become officially supported in the future. If your interested in using them, feel free to provide feedback, report bugs or request a feature using the Github issues tab on each project. Also, both projects are open-source and we welcome any contributions big or small!


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Sounds really interesting. Thank you for the information!


Any news on this?

@Marcus01 -

It’s in-progress, but may take some time. We’ll keep this posted and publish a DP as soon as possible.


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I saw your initial push - very exciting!! :grinning:

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Hi Jeff,

I am working on a similar project that I need ASP.Net Core Identity (it was using sql server) and I seeing if anything has come out or is coming out so I can use couchbase instead. If so I would like to Beta it if that is possible.



Any updates on this?