Intermittently: Couchbase Save Not Happening

Hi All,
I am using Couchbase java sdk client 2.7.11 with Couchbase 6.0 community addition. While performing upsert it gives me success response, but when I fetch the document or see through Couchbase UI, it’s not available.

  //getClient returning me "api" instance
  private static final RetryWhenFunction RETRY_POLICY = 
		RetryBuilder.anyOf( TimeoutException.class, 
		.delay(Delay.exponential(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS, 50))

int expiryTime = + (10 * 60);//10 min approx from now
StringDocument document = StringDocument.create("ABC_Test",expiryTime  , "SomeValue");

StringDocument savedDocument = getClient().async().upsert(document).retryWhen(RETRY_POLICY)
	.doOnError(exception -> {
		String msg = "Unable to update a document = " + exception.getMessage();
	.doOnCompleted(() -> LOGGER.debug(()-> "Succesfully saved document with key \"" + key))
	.doAfterTerminate(() -> LOGGER.debug(()-> "Processing save document with key \"" + key + "\" Completed."))
	if(savedDocument==null) {
		LOGGER.error(()-> "Document with id couldn't be saved: " + key);
	} else {
		LOGGER.debug(()-> "Saved document: \n" + savedDocument);

I faced the similar issue when trying to use QueuePush. The Queue push gave me the success response but Queue pop says queue itself doesn’t exist. I intend to use both of the saving within next 5 sec for say. I do not have any load test running that could indicate towards Async delay behavior.

 //int expiryTime = + (10 * 60);//Approx 10 min from now

    		.queuePush(queueName, queueElement, MutationOptionBuilder.builder().createDocument(true).expiry(expirationTime))
           	.doOnError(exception -> LOGGER.error(() -> "Unable to add element '"+ queueElement +"' in queue '" + queueName + 
	        			"' Exception = " + exception.getMessage()))
           	.doOnCompleted(() -> LOGGER.debug(()-> "Succesfully saved document in queue \"" + queueName))

Both of above scenario have been noticed intermittently. Could you please suggest to diagnose this one? Does Community Version has a way to enable Document Level Auditing?

Thank you

Hi @yr
Just for sanity checking, do you get the same issue with the upsert not appearing if you remove the expiryTime?