Invalid response to 'changes' message error in log file


We are using couchbase (6.0.0) and sync gateway (2.6.1). There are both uwp & android clients which use cblite on their devices. In the log files, we have seen the below message many times:

*[ERR] c:[c6061f4] Invalid response to ‘changes’ message: RPY#14 – EOF. Body: – rest.(blipSyncContext).Logf() at blip_sync.go:222

Our backend app also connects to sync gateway to listen changes but we are not sure which side causes the issue. I’m not even sure that whether it is a critical problem or not.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @glenn,

This isn’t something to worry about. The EOF indicates the client has disconnected, and has nothing more to send.
We’ve since dropped that specific EOF log message down to debug level: