iOS pull replication document revision issue


We have an issue with iOS pull replication where a particular document does not get synced to the mobile device (around 500 documents sync successfully, but 2 documents cause the error below).

SyncVerbose: Giving up on {deviceuser_123456 #150-…}: Error Domain=CBLHTTP Code=404 “404 not_found” UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=not_found, NSLocalizedDescription=404 not_found}

The document revision on the sync gateway is 151. So it appears the replication is trying to pull the old revision for the document which fails and the document is never synced.

Any thoughts what might be causing the issue or how to resolve it?

SG version 1.2
CBLite version 1.1

Thanks in advance

Check on the CBL side if that document is in conflict.

How can I tell if there are any conflicts in the database?
Use an all-documents query with the onlyConflicts mode.