ipv6 for couchbase in kubernetes


we are deploying couchbase in kubernetes through autonomous operator, the setup is completely on ipv6 networking,
how to enable ipv6 for couchbase containers ?


@guna_sekhar IPv6 support is only available in Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition. Are you using Couchbase Server Enterprise edition? If you are running into problems you can contact our Support

IPv6 support is only available in Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition


to enable ipv6 in couchbase - kubernetes, should i do anything ? or it enables ipv6 by default ?

@guna_sekhar Kubernetes itself still does not support ipV6 yet. So you cannot set this up yet via Kubernetes. But there are other ways to setup ipV6 https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/manage/manage-nodes/manage-address-families.html

the given URL, is not showing how to enable ipv6 inside docker image?

@guna_sekhar Setup your docker container with ipv6 and use cli to setup ipV6 for Couchbase Server

Doesnt kubernetes support IPv6 since k8s version 1.13?

I thought it is dual stack that is not yet supported, no?

Refer to the latest operator docs: CouchbaseCluster Resource | Couchbase Docs
Note this is developer preview currently whilst we make sure it is stable enough for production.