Irrevelant data in logs

I am running Couchbase Enterprise Server - 4.5.1 on a three node cluster. The internal structure is :-

  • OS - Red Hat Enterprise Edition 7.2

  • Architecture - x64

The issues that I am facing are as follows :-

  1. The execution of a query is not being logged under the logs of the couchbase files. Moreover, when I try to collect information, I am getting the error that
    Also, when I use the endpoint to perform logging the server is not logging information till the current date. it is only logging info till 2-3 days prior.

  2. I am also working on integration between the couchbase cluster and IIB v9 with REST APIs. To check the feasibility when they perform the CRUD operations, they are able to retreive and delete the data but unable to insert or upsert data. Even these queries are not being logged in the files. Since, they are able to perform the SELECT and DEETE operation, it should get logged in http_access.log ( which is not happening ). And the error while performing INSERT / UPDATE , the info should get logged in error.log (which is also not happening).
    Therefore, how can I see that their server / application is accessing our server or how it is requesting data from our server.