Is Couchbase Community 4.6.X ever going to be released?


4.5.0 is the most recent version of couchbase community available. Does anyone know if/when the next community version will be released?


Hi Kivey,

Community Edition version 5.0.1 is currently available for download. Are you specifically looking for a newer 4.x release?



Yes I was wondering if Community Edition version 4.6.2 is available for download.


Also, where is Community Edition version 5.0.1 available for download? I don’t see the Community version on the Couchbase website, I only see the Enterprise edition. Thanks!


I’m not sure what the plan is for 4.x – I’ll ask around.

To download Community Edition releases, go to the Couchbase home page and click on the big red “Downloads” button in the top right corner.

As of June 2018 part of the downloads page looks like the image below. Click on the “COMMUNITY” tab to see the download options for the Community Edition.


Hi Kivey,

Couchbase Server 4.6.x development focused on features that are only available in the Enterprise Edition. As a result, there’s no Community Edition for 4.6.x, and Community Edition 4.5.1 is currently the latest and greatest in the 4.x line.

To download CE 4.5.1, go to the Downloads page and click on the “Previous Versions” tab (lower on the page than the image I posted earlier). Select 4.5.1, then click on the “Community” tab on the right.