Is it impossible to access the couchbase cloud from the private subnet?

I can’t access endpoints on couchbase cloud from ec2 on a private subnet with external internet connection. This is possible on the public subnet. In couchbase cloud, is it not possible to access from a private subnet like

Yes, it is possible to access Couchbase Cloud from a private subnet. You should configure VPC peering connection between your Couchbase Cloud VPC and your application server VPC. Please ensure that both the VPCs CIDR blocks should not overlap with each other.

Below are some documents for your reference:

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There was a problem with vpc. Thank you for answer!

@Payal I’m evaluating a free trial, I have a requirement to connect to CB cloud cluster via VPC peering connection. when I see “Connect” tab I can only see “WAN” endpoint. but on the documentation, I can see public and private endpoints separately. refer below. can you please guide me on how to enable private endpoint on CB cloud trail version?

Hello @lasanthaj ,

Thank you pointing this out. Yes, you are right, there is only WAN endpoint visible on the Couchbase Cloud UI. This document is outdated and I’ve informed my team to update it.

Earlier, we used to have two separate endpoints under ‘Connect’ tab on the CBC UI but this is not the case anymore as we are striving to add more functionality to the product. So, we constantly improve our features and services, making it easier for our customers to utilize them.

Further, I understand you would like to connect CBC Cluster via VPC peering. I can surely help you with that. Could you please share your registered Couchbase Cloud email address so that I could reach out and help you with it?


@Payal Thanks for the update. can you please PM your email address? I’ll share the required details.