Is it possibile to delete SavedRevisions?


My android cblite is synced via sync_gateway using pull replication.

During conflict resolutions i want to delete old and not winning SavedRevisions. Is it possible?

I explain my problem:
Client gets document A via pull replication. Suppose A revision is rev 1-abc.
Clients modifies document A multiple times and creates revisions 2-abc, 3-abc, 4-abc.
On the server side document A gets modified and rev 2-def is created and replicated to mobile
Now a conflict is generated by rev 4-abc (mobile) and rev 2-def (server).
I am able to distinguish among the revisions and want to discard the mobile changes. I would like to remove revisions 2-abc, 3-abc, 4-abc (all the mobile ones) and keep the 2-def (the server one).
Is it possible to remove them?

At the moment the only solution i was able to find is to tombstone the 4-abc rev and create a new one which is a new copy of the 2-def.


Yes, that’s how you do it. Revisions are immutable.