Is there a 'best practices' installation document?


Hi all, I’m in the process of setting up a high-availability Couchbase Server + Sync Gateway + App Server behind Nginx solution.

I was wondering if there was a whitepaper or document anywhere that went over all the platform settings that we should be using? Right now, I’ve been finding similar, yet slightly different advice between the documentation, forums, Github issues, etc…

E.g. For Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway
Set ulimit -n > 10200
Set Nginx keepalive_timeout < X and > Y
Set parameter X to Y

The docs do a great job of illustrating the memory and cores each product should have, but there are also a lot of smaller setup details, which I haven’t all seen in once place.



Hi, all of the documentation we have right now is available here:

You should also take a look at the various video presentations we did on these topics like this one:


Thanks @ldoguin!

I have seen those documents, and I’ll watch the videos later today (may have seen them, may not). Currently @alexegli and I are discussing some issues she previously ran into and that I’m currently running into (silly things like TCP/file exhaustion) - and they’re initial provision problems that I didn’t necessarily take in when setting up my prod server, but I did when setting up my dev server (e.g. Nginx settings, file descriptor limits, etc…)

If we come up with anything valuable, we’ll post accordingly!