Is there any ORM for Android?


I would like to use an ORM to map my Documents to Objects. Is there any one? I found that the ORM was planned one year ago. Slide 39:

Is there any work in progress? I don’t care if it’s in preview release, I can help developing it.


Here is another thread discussing this same issue:

and nothing has changed since then – it is on our roadmap, but there is currently no work in progress.

If you are interested in developing one, please write a detailed proposal in markdown format (in a github gist or a fork of the repo), and I will get the entire team involved in reviewing your proposal.


Hi @traun, I read the thread, there are some good ideas in it. I’m agree with you in this point:

One problem with OR mapping frameworks is that developers have so many differing/conflicting requirements that it’s almost impossible to create one that everyone likes.

I worked the last two days in this:

I wrote a roadmap and I’ll love any feedback from you, your team and/or the community:

Forgive me for my English, I know it’s not very good.


I split my post because I only can put two links, sorry.

The project right now It’s just a proof of concept but you can see the main idea. All the magic is here and you can play with the first test I wrote here.


Awesome! This looks like a great start.

I updated the FAQ and added a link to your project.