Is there any risk in using flush bucket operation


If I do not want the data from bucket then shall I use ‘flush’ bucket option to clean up all the data from bucket.

Flush operation takes lesser time than ‘Delete’ N1QL query or setting TTL time for individual document.

Is there any risk in using bucket flush operation on regular basis, if I really do not the data after some days and want a clean bucket.


If you want to delete all documents from your bucket, flush is made for that. I used it many times, in dev phase it’s usual to clean completely the database to start a new test.


Thanks Steeve for the replay,

Can we use flush in production environment, is there any kind of risk there.




Hard to answer yes, because I don’t actualy know your environment.

If you have 1 bucket, nothing linked with it, and you don’t care about the documents actually into your bucket, I want to tell you “Yes”, you can use it.