Issue with deleting clusters and buckets

I recently created a test account to try and play with the Couchbase Server and connected with AWS. All I did was to follow the steps in the starter guides for cloud and connect with an SDK. After that, I did not touch the server.
In a couple of days, this used a lot of resources from AWS, going far above the free tier restrictions. That is my fault and I admit it. However, when I try to delete my buckets and clusters, it says that the service is “Management Blocked”. Can you please help me with removing them?
Thank you very much,

Hello Dragos,

I have reached to you via support ticket. Please respond to that with the requested information so that we could help you out with this issue.

Also, I would like to mention that we highly recommend to delete cloud and cluster via our CBC UI to have a clean and easy deletion of resources. Please refer to these documents for more info:

Delete Cluster - Delete a Cluster | Couchbase Docs
Delete Connected Cloud - Connect and Manage Clouds | Couchbase Docs