Java client cannot connect to LOCAL cluster without internet connection

Hey guys - I would like to know if the following is normal behaviour.

I have a client application that is using couchbase-java-client (v2.2.2) to connect to couchbase server (v4.0). Both running locally on the SAME computer (Linux Mint 17.2).

My internet has been up and down lately, and when my internet is down my client application cannot connect to the couchbase server… running on the same computer as the client.

Every time it throws a times out exception.

All other couchbase services are working normally. CBQ, Couchbase Console, etc.

I would like to know if that is normal behaviour, and if so then why?

Linux Mint 17.2
Version: 4.0.0-4051 Community Edition (build-4051)
My client application connects using the couchbase java client v2.2.2

Thanks guys

Can you please enable logging at the TRACE level and share the full log on one of the failed attempts?