Java SDK client is trying to connect to Index and Query nodes


I am experiencing a problem with Java client version 2.7.9.
The driver treats all the nodes as KV and tries to connect to the index and query nodes.
As a result, I get a lot of exceptions like the follows:

.kv.AuthenticationException: Bucket not found on Select Bucket command
| loglevel=“INFO” | thread=“cb-io-1-1” | logger="c.c.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint " [][KeyValueEndpoint]: Got notified from Channel as inactive, attempting reconnect.
| loglevel=“WARN” | thread=“cb-io-1-3” | logger="c.c.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint " [][KeyValueEndpoint]: Authentication Failure: Bucket not found on Select Bucket command
| loglevel=“WARN” | thread=“cb-io-1-3” | logger="c.c.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint " [][KeyValueEndpoint]: Could not connect to endpoint on reconnect attempt 318, retrying with delay 4096 MILLISECONDS: com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.kv.AuthenticationException: Bucket not found on Select Bucket command

Please advice,

It looks that the issue is similar to

I just do not find any resolution. Please correct me if I wrong.
In the bootstrap I list only KV nodes.