Java SDK connection with Certificate Authentication issue

Do you guys test your product with IBM Java?
If so, when you guys testing x509 Certificate Authentication with IBM Java. Do you see any issue?
With the older Couchbase versions and older Couchbase Java SDK driver. We were able to use Certificate Authentication. But now we want to upgrade to the latest versions, it is not working.

Please help! This is the only blocker for our product to claim support for Couchbase 7.0.

From the compatibility documentation:

The Java SDK is tested with Oracle JDK and OpenJDK. Other JDK implementations might work but are not tested and are unsupported.

I’m tagging our PM @AV25242 so he is aware of your interest in the IBM JVM. I can also ask our QE team if they have the bandwidth to run the certificate authentication tests using the IBM JVM, but I cannot make any commitments; any assistance provided through the forum is on a best effort basis.


Thanks David!
Please let me know the responds from your QA team.
If the QA team don’t have time to help.
I can try to open a case.



Hi all,
Is there any solution on this issue… I am getting exactly same issue but I am using open jdk 11. Couchbase SDK 3.3 and couchbase version as 6.5. I am using certificate client authentication but getting exact same exception as

AmbiguousTimeoutException with “retryReasons”:[“GLOBAL_CONFIG_LOAD_IN_PROGRESS”]

Tried the same client connection code mentioned above…

Please help on this regards