Kubernetes Support


I see that CAO 2.0.2 is certified with Kubernetes 1.14 & 1.15; both of which are not actively managed at this point in time. Would it be correct to assume that it is also supported on all higher versions for e.g. 1.17 & 1.18?

Has anybody tried on one of 1.16/1.17/1.18?



CAO 2.2 is certified with 1.14 and 1.15. They are not supported in higher versions of kubernetes. We keep revising our support matrix with every release of CAO.


Thanks Arun. Helps to know that.

Isnt it a bit wierd that CAO 2.0.2 released in Aug '20 certifies on K8s 1.15 which was released 14 months back in Jun '19. K8s 1.18 released in Mar '20 a good 5 months before CAO 2.0.2 came out. Wondering if there is a specific reason (may be deprecated APIs which will definitely require changes to CAO 2.0.2 which is why it is certified on a much older release).

Actually, we have a project on K8s 1.18 and we are wondering if we should try CAO 2.0.2 and see how it goes. Expert inputs/suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks again!

The versions we can test on are somewhat limited by what Amazon/Microsoft/Google have available, and they have historically lagged behind by a fair way. We also have in the past selected versions to certify based on whether all cloud providers support that version at the same time. We realize this isn’t optimal for users living on the bleeding edge, so we are committing to testing as far upstream as we can, regardless of other cloud providers, then continually updating our support matrix as new platforms become available. Things will get better, that I promise you!

As regards 1.18… it won’t work because of how Kubernetes Endponts are implemented now, however we will have full 1.18 support in Operator 2.1 (coming soon!)

Thank you Simon.

But before I could read your reply, we went ahead and tried on k8s 1.18 and the cluster did come up. Observations:

  • it was very slow as compared to a similar sized k8s 1.15 cluster.
  • Secondly, PV did not work for some reason. It seems as if it is timing out.
    Sharing the experience here just in case if it helps you to keep in mind as an already observed problem when trying on 1.18. And it might be helpful to other users on the forum.