Large imports (inserts) cause problem on couchbase



We are tring to import our archive records (logs) from sql to couchbase. But after some insertions (~45.000 records), couchbase client returns “false” value after ExecuteStoreJson command. Here is the example code at below which I explained.

We could not find any way to detect this problem.

By the way, during this importing process, our web servers sometimes can not reach the views with couchbase .net client. And views return an error about “View xxxxxx was mapped to a dead node, failing”, while not reaching.
But we can reach views over “ipaddress:8091” management interface without any problem while web servers can’t reach.

var getResult = CBManager.CouchbaseManager.Instance.ExecuteStoreJson(StoreMode.Set, keyLoginLog, newLoginLog);

            if (getResult.Success)
                return true;
                return false;


What version of the server and what version of the .net client are you using?


servers are 2.5.1 and .net client is
We’ve created a cluster over 8 VM (ubuntu).