I’ve got an issue with FTS query function (using PHP SDK v3). The server randomly returns LCB_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION (214). Any idea what might be wrong?

Full PHP error below:

NOTICE: PHP message: [critical] Uncaught PHP Exception Couchbase\InvalidStateException: "LCB_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION (214)"

It might be a performance issue because the Couchbase instance is running on a relatively small VPS. It doesn’t occur on development environment which has almost the same setup but also has much more hardware resources. Anyway it’s the only symptom, when it’s working it takes less than ms to return set of results.

@maciej.tomaszewski Do you mind to share sample code to reproduce the issue? It will immensely help to debug the issue

It seems that amount of hardware resources was the problem. Increasing search service RAM to >512MB solved the issue, at least for now :slight_smile:
I don’t care that much since it’s only a testing env. Production doesn’t have that issue.