License for couchbase-lite for android?


According to the couchbase-lite for android github repo, it’s licensed as Apache 2, but I downloaded the precompiled JARs and the LICENSE.txt contains a far more restrictive license, which for example forbids reverse engineering. I’m unsure why there is a difference; is it because of included dependencies? Is there a way to use couchabse-lite with only properly OSS code?



Hi bradmont, we wanted to encourage developers to freely use our source repo, and so our repo is licensed by Apache 2.0. For example, folks can build from our bleeding-edge branch, or fork our repo to build different features and/or contribute back to our repo. Directions for building our source are available on the README.

But, we also have already-built binaries for customers, who are uninterested in ever building from source. These binaries come with our standard company licenses–there are a couple of reasons for this, and the language is being reviewed, but, if you’re interested in looking at source I would encourage just looking at our repo, which is in fact open source.