Limit size of attachments [couchbase-lite 1.2]

Hi everybody,

I am currently working on the couchbase-lite version 1.2 commodity.
The size limit of a couchbase document (including attachments) is 20MB. When i send a document exceeding this limit, an error message is indicated, but no return from sdk :
/RemoteRequest: Got error status: 413 for {http//address}. Reason: Request Entity Too Large._

To work around this issue, i check a size of attachments before adding to the database.

Is there a way to retrieve this kind of network errors on the version 1.2 commodity ? In recent versions of couchbase (enterprise or community versions), is there the possibility of catching network errors (409, 413, etc…) ?

Thanks in advance

The error should be available as the lastError property of the Replication object.

Not exactly, network errors are not indicated in this throwable. This means that the getLastError is null.