Limitation of no. of nodes while using community edition


Hello all, New to forum and CouchBase.

I am considering using CouchBase community edition for an enterprise application. Please clarify below queries:

  1. Is there any restriction of using community edition in commercial enterprise use?
  2. What is the max. number of nodes that can be deployed in such case?
  3. Can we switch the whole setup to enterprise edition later on?

I have gone through the licensing and comparison details of editions. But needed to get more clarity and hence the thread. Thanks in advance.

  • Pranay

  • With 4.0 community edition there is no restriction for using CE (community edition) in production.
  • CE does not limit node count. However EE comes with additional scale and performance capabilities that will ensure it takes better advantage of the HW you throw at it.
  • You can switch to EE (enterprise edition) at any point with a simple swap rebalance.


Thanks cihan for the reply.

Can you point me to specific documentation that brings out additional scale and performance capabilities or EE compared to CE.


you can see the top level list of differences here:

The main difference is MDS:

There is also concurrency limitations in the case of homogeneous scale-out (figure 1). Service limit their CPU utilization to ensure they don’t step on each this requests are queued and are not executed under N1QL when concurrency goes above 4 cores in Query Service.