Local database size growing - size is 5 times more than CB server



I use CBLite 1.1.0 on Android devices with continuous push/pull replication through Gateway (4 channels) to CB Server 3.0.

I do use compacting on the local DB.

On one of my devices, local DB is around 500 MB after 2 weeks of uses.
But on the server data size is 80MB/…for 129 Doc

Each connected client is making an update on a single document (6 by minute).
I believe this “huge” size could be explained by lot of revisions so. Is this correct ?

We only use latest revision on devices…we only want to keep older revision on server (for analyse purpose).

Is deleting old revision on local db the solution ?
Is there any other operation i can perform to reduce the size ?


Com.couchbase.lite.CouchbaseLiteException: read failed: EBADF (Bad file number) + Document.update - java.lang.NullPointerException

Another information, don’t know if it is relevant, but during compaction i got the following warning in stacktrace :

 17:26:51.354 7532-7604/net.xxxxxE/BlobStore: Error deleting attachment: /data/data/net.xxxxx/files/appdb attachments/temp_attachments