MapAdd method result confusing


I’m using server Community Edition 6.0.0 build 1693 and .Net SDK 2.7.

Trying to create a map document with MapAddAsync method.
Operation result is success but somehow document “disappear” within a second or so…

bucket.MapAdd("123","a","456") => Success = true
bucket.MapSize("123") => Value = 1

bucket.MapSize("123") => Value = 0

When I open couchbase web console I get error dialog “Error with retrieving document: 123” - Object Not Found.
I’m not changing Expire field.

Am I missing something?


Additional info:

  1. I use MapAdd to create new doc with createMap = true. I use SDK 2.7.16 and according to this notes issue with missing document has been fixed.
  2. If I create new simple empty doc and then call map methods on it then everything is ok.

@Cyb -

If the doc is being evicted, it could be a bug where the expiry is being set to a low value. We’ll look into this and see if we can isolate it.