Memory issue with sg_access_x1 and sg_channels_x1 indexes

Hi There,

Couchbase server memory is getting full due to buckets sg_access_x1 and sg_channels_x1 indexes and when we checked in server level, we found the following. but if we check the same in the Couchbase admin console, sg_access_x1 and sg_channels_x indexs took just 200MB for each bucket. it causes the Couchabase server to stop working.

Can you please assist me, how can find the root cause and how we can fix this kind of issue?

30G     ./data/@2i/BucketName_sg_access_x1_6138195240881632857_0.index
30G     ./data/@2i/BucketName_sg_access_x1_6138195240881632857_0.index/data.fdb.4

31G     ./data/@2i/BucketName_sg_channels_x1_17926563631696394850_0.index
31G     ./data/@2i/BucketName_sg_channels_x1_17926563631696394850_0.index/data.fdb.4
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@itssrinadh , which couchbase server version do you use? Could you let me know how many sync gateways you have connected to this server?
Usually it should not take that much size for each index. Is other indexes sizes are fine?

We are using Community Edition 6.6.0 build 7909 and CBSync 28.1

We are using only one syncgateway and one server. we have same configuration in other AWS Ec2 and it doesnt have such issues. Looks like we are facing issue with CBSyncgateway 28.1

Other indexes don’t have such problems.

Hi @itssrinadh ,
i’m facing same problem, have you figured out how to solve it ?