Migrating from SQL Server to couch base mobile and sync gateway


We are migrating from SQL server to Couchbase , Sync Gateway and Couchbase lite.

We have created Document Design by de normalizing data. We want to put this data into couchbase.

What are our option
Create a utility which reads a JSON and post it as a document on sync gateway or is there a method to import documents directly into couch base server. Whether importing them in the server allow the documents to be synced to lite. Or is there a utility/open source project available which can do it for us.

Pankaj Sharma

you can not import documents into couch base server directly. if so , you will lost all channel info that added by SG.

you can add, update, or delete multiple documents to a database in a single request. by POST /{db}/_bulk_docs Public REST API

We have a scenario here when I use post call without _bulk_docs for 39000 document, The size of local DB on mobile after data sync is finished is 49 MB (Without _bulk_docs) , but when the same data is posted using _bulk_docs on a separate bucket, and separate sync is done the size of local database goes up to 300+ MB.

Why this should happen ?

Can you specify the REST endpoint that you are using in each of the cases above