Minimal Android API level

We would like to use Couchbase Lite for a project, but we have to support a device that is stuck with Android 4.2, API 17.
Currently the documentation state that you support API 19.

I tried to dig in the Github project but I did not find a reason why you support this specific version. (The change says nothing).

My question is: are you supporting API 19 because you don’t want to have to take care of lower versions, or is there a technical reason that would completely prevent us from using it on version 17?


Whoah. 17? That’s a while ago!

Couchbase Lite may work for you. I can’t think of anything, right off hand, that would cause a problem.

We build with minSDK 19, and we haven’t tried, let alone tested on anything <19, so you are on your own.

You certainly could build your own version with the minSDK = 17 and just deal with anything that broke…


There were a few technical reasons when we switched from 16 to 19, but I really can’t remember what they are anymore and they mostly have to do with stuff in the NDK as opposed to the SDK I think. Like Blake said the best thing to do is to try compiling it and see if anything misbehaves.

I know… This is a very specific device. I wish they had updated at some point.

Thanks both for your answers. We will try to use the provided version, or recompile if needed, and see how it goes!