Missing libsqlcipher.a

I’ve downloaded add ons here http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/mobile/1.3/guides/couchbase-lite/native-api/database/index.html#story-h2-3 but i see no libsqlcipher file.

Where can I get the file?


What did you download exactly? The Couchbase Lite iOS download includes libsqlcipher.a in the Extras subfolder.

What do you see inside the downloaded archive?

I downloaded the couchbase lite ios (both community and enterprise). The Extras folder contains OpenIDController files only. There’s no libsqlcipher.

This what the download dile contains:

Looks like the Mac OS download, not the iOS one.

I just downloaded iOS and confirmed it has the sqlcipher lib.

Oh right! thanks a lot! =)