Mocking a QueryAsync()

I’m having trouble mocking the QueryAsync since it’s of dynamic type.
Have you had any luck in doing that (even with a different framework) ?

            int userID = 1;
            string bucketName = "myBucket";

            var queryResult = Substitute.For<IQueryResult<dynamic>>();

            var couchbaseServerInstance = Substitute.For<ICluster>();
            couchbaseServerInstance.QueryAsync<dynamic>("DELETE from `" + bucketName + "` where META().id LIKE '%UserID_$1'", options => options.Parameter(userID)).Returns(queryResult);

Found the answer.
Just need to tell my mocking framework to accept any kind of content in the arguments.

couchbaseServerInstance.QueryAsync<dynamic>(Arg.Any<string>(), Arg.Any<QueryOptions>()).Returns(queryResult);