Moxi memory leak MB-3121


There is a known (and really old) bug about a moxi memory leak on reconfig :

We have tested today the moxi binaries embeded with Couchbase 2.1 EE and it appears that the memory leak has been fixed (we didn’t test it with with the moxi embeded in v2.0.1)

Is it safe, as a work around before you release a new “moxi stand alone binary” to use the one shipped with couchbase v2.1 ?

When do you plan to release a new release of Moxi (v1.8.2 ?) that would merge the bugs fix and improvements done in couchbase 2.1 ?

To test it we have started at the same time 2 moxis (one v1.8.1 and one from couchbase 2.1 EE) connected to the same couchbase cluster (v2.0.1 Community) and confirmed that after only 36 minutes uptime and for a same amount of moxi “config_ver” update, the RSS used was stable on the 2.1 version and way bellow the RSS used by the v1.8.1 moxi :

Moxi binaries embeded with Couchbase 2.1 EE :

STAT memcached:stats:pid 2759
STAT memcached:stats:uptime 2191
STAT 11219:active:info:config_ver 139
2759 3604 /var/run/

Moxi v1.8.1 :

STAT memcached:stats:pid 27844
STAT memcached:stats:uptime 2188
STAT 11219:active:info:config_ver 139
27844 12984 /var/run/


Did you end up using the moxi from the non-standalone package?

Is a new standalone moxi every going to be released?


I never had any answer to this question other than yours …

We have been using the moxi binaries embed with couchbase 2.x during a couple of month with great success (no more memory leak).

We have now switched to another SDK (couchnode) supporting native couchbase accces, and don’t need moxi any more.