Multi Tenant Architecture

I have an Enterprise Application that I have created with Couchbase Server as the backend. Is there a way to use Couchbase Server in a Multi-Tenant Architecture just like CouchDB? What I mean by Multi-Tenant is that each customer that buys the software will have their data separate from other companies. One bucket/database for each Tenant (customer).
The design must ensure that tenants can access only their own data. The data architecture must ensure that a subscriber’s data is kept private from other subscribers.

Any thoughts? Or any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance

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I’d really like to see an answer to this question too.

My initial plan was to create a bucket per tenant, but that limits us to 30 tenants per cluster. Otherwise we are looking at a tenant per cluster which seems overkill or isolated by key prefix which would not be good enough from a security POV…