N1QL file extensions please?


I’m testing Vim syntax files that we produced for Vim 7.4 and later (soon to be part of the main Vim distribution) for N1QL. Can you please confirm these file extensions for correct detection?


Thanks in advance, looking forward to feedback!

https://ciurana.eu/pgp ; https://keybase.io/pr3d4t0r

Hi @pr3d4t0r, thanks for creating the vim syntax files.
Please use example.n1ql.

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Hi, in case you haven’t seen this yet, the syntax coloring code used in the web-based query workbench can be found here:

It has a list of keywords, as well as regexs for matching different constructs.

Thanks Eben!

I hadn’t seen this – very useful. I’ve just posted the pull request for the Vim project – I’ll try to sneak a review in, otherwise I’ll create a GitHub issue/branch for further syntax highlighting refinement.

Have a fantastic day!